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Bubble Soup Productions offers videography, photography, and editing services for any occasion, event, and project. 

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Our objective is to make your video enjoyable, and memorable. We want your movie to be viewed many times over, shown to friends, family, strangers, and shared on the internet. Every project is an original based on the people, theme, and setting of your occasion.   

Clients tell us that they've watched their video over and over again.

""We were originally looking for a photographer, but when we made the decision to hire Suzannah and her videography skills, she turned our son's Bar Mitzvah into a masterpiece, and truly captured his special day in a way that we'll never forget."" Laura-Beth S.

""Thank you so much! We received the DVDs and today I watched it with my husband from start to finish. He loved it! I love it too! Your work is really amazing! The angles of the video and the scenery you included is exactly what I wanted! Stunning! Thank you!"" Elizbeth L.

""Pictures are memories, and Suzannah was truly able to capture the moment for my children through her camera lens and bring it to life."" Kristina C.

""Suzannah's creativity with our videography piece was unbelievable. She conveyed our family story in such superb fashion that we watch the video over and over!"" Helene P.

""Suzannah's work and professionalism was more than I expected. The video piece that she put together has been a tremendous marketing tool for our company."" Jarred C.

""The photography that Suzannah provided exceeded my expectations! She was artistic, social, and went above and beyond.""  Diana A.

"Suzannah's videography artistry was wonderful, as she captured those special, priceless, candid moments, while at the same time listening to our ideas, and touching our hearts."" Michael S.

""We were very pleased with the photos she provided us of our wedding, and she truly made our special day memorable."" Zee A.

Documentaries by Bubble Soup Productions