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About Us

Established in 2000, Bubble Soup has produced a wide variety of event and promotional videos which include three documentaries and a short film.  

Based in Santa Clarita, CA, we are available to travel to any location. We are very flexible regarding the type of projects that we get involved with, and we are always looking to take on a new challenge. With experience in documentary production, each event we capture unfolds as a story on screen. Impromptu interviews, sound bites, speeches, ambient sounds, and photographic details are woven together to give your movie more texture and depth.  

We have the capability to storyboard, shoot, and edit a quality video for you.  Our 1, 2, or 3 person camera team will cover every aspect of your event or production, and your footage will be edited in a way that will have you enjoying your movie over and over again.   Our staff is also available for freelance videography and editing services.